Quezalguaque Scholarship Recipients

Miurel Rodríguez – Cristo Rey – Medicine at UNAN
Naydelin Salgado – Santa Rosa – Industrial Engineering at UCAN
Heyzel Reyes – El Pozo – Nursing at UNAN
Fabio Borda – Casco Urbano – Industrial Engineering at ULSA

In February, four students from Quezalguaque received scholarships from BQSCP through FNE International to start their university studies. Sister City donated $2,000, which amounts to $500 per student for the 2021 academic year, payable in monthly installments. This will cover tuition, books, transportation, and other expenses.

The funds were awarded to students who were academically successful in high school and whose family needed financial support to send them to university. In return, the students agreed to maintain good grades, attend monthly meetings, and participate in community service projects.

We congratulate these students and wish them every success as they start their university studies. And we thank our generous donors for making these awards possible!

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