Successful Scholarship Recipient

Fabio Borda, a 2021 scholarship recipient, recently completed his degree in Industrial Engineering at Universidad Tecnológica La Salle in León. His community service work for FNE International consisted of giving weekly English classes in the library in Quezalguaque to 5th and 6th grade students. In March 12 students received certificates of completion.  We thank him for his contribution to the town and wish him great success in his future profession!

Letter from Fabio

The reason for this letter is to convey my gratitude to Sister City for the opportunity provided. Thanks to this, I was able to successfully complete my studies. This support was of vital importance to meet academic expenses. In addition, it allowed me to continue learning the importance of helping others in some way, generating a positive impact on society.

I consider myself lucky because from a very young age, service work has been instilled in me as a very important value; we always receive what we give, and the time is now that we can share our knowledge, resources, or energies with other people to create a pleasant and cooperative environment. This part of the commitment to Sister City was very important to me, I hope it has the same impact on other young people, as it has with me.

I reiterate my gratitude to the people who made it possible to be a part of this benefit for our town; I hope that the cooperation of Sister City continues for many years so that more young people can continue fulfilling their dreams as in my case.

Without further ado, I say goodbye and wish you every success.

Very cordially,
Fabio José Borda Pereira
Industrial Engineering
Universidad Tecnológica La Salle