Third Computer Classroom Opens

computerclassThere was a ceremony for the opening of the third Sister City supported computer classroom last month when Sister City Board members Lois Statlender and Richard Segan were in  Quezalguaque. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, all three high schools in Quezalguaque now have computer classrooms.   Although not all high school students can use the classrooms because of the large number of students and limited number of computers,  they  believe that these first computer classrooms in the public schools have been an important step forward.

Quezalguaque is  a community where very few students have access to  computers and  we hoped that these first computer classrooms would not only be used to learn basic computer skills but would be also be used to introduce the power of the internet.  It was therefore very exciting to see that the computer classrooms were already being booked by non-computer teachers for use by their classes.  We observed, for example, students in a  biology class using the computer classroom for research.